Ebooks VS Physical Copy

I honestly don’t know which I prefer. I get on Pinterest and see these cozy but amazingly beautiful little home libraries and I literally GLOW GREEN with envy. I can just picture myself sitting in a big, overstuffed chair next to a roaring fireplace. Not a care in the world. (oh wait.. do I still have toddlers running around in this fantasy world of mine?) You know the kinda of home library I am talking about. You walk in and have to say ‘hello’ to all of your old friends on the shelves before carefully deciding which world your going to visit for awhile. Some comforts you just can not have without have the actual physical copy of the book. The smell. The feel of the pages. A closer look at any extras the book might have… aka map of the land or sneek peeks. That cozy library. The feeling you get when you see you are almost done with the book but no where near ready for the book to end. To really appreciate the artistry that went into the cover. Bookmarks. All of these things make me love owning the physical copy. Also you if you dare, you can recommend them and lend them to friends (only friends that you trust tho, right?) I have a kindle voyager that my sweet husband surprised me with a while back. Do I love it? Yes, I do. If you are reading a fast read that you might not care to have a real copy then it is perfect. I personally love that it isn’t heavy. I don’t need a light on to read. Reading in bed is 100 times easier. I also have the kindle app on my phone which means that if I am at some appointment somewhere I can jump back and forth between the two. It saves your place and everything which is nice. You can have hundreds of books with you on the go. Easy to get new books, all you need is wifi.  Wow. I thought I was going to convince you that a hard copy is the only way to go but now I might not be sure. Ha. Maybe one isn’t better than the other. If you are like me….  then you just need to have both in your life. The only reason to not buy both would be if you don’t have the room! No wonder my husband rolls his eyes when I ask to buy more books. I’m a mess! Completely out of control. Poor guy. Its a good thing he loves me. Now back to adding my next read to my Amazon cart.



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