The Chemist by Stephanie Meyer


Book Title: The Chemist

Author:  Stephanie Meyer

Published 11/08/16 by Little, Brown and Company

Genre: Spy Thriller

4 Stars                Content Rating: 3 – Very Mild

“In this gripping page-turner, an ex-agent on the run from her former employer must take one more case to clear her name and save her life.”

This is a genre I usually don’t get into. Spy. Thriller. Not because I don’t like them but because I usually fill my kindle up with fantasy and romance and there is so many of those to read that I don’t branch out to anything else. I get lazy and wait for the movie to come out because spy movies are the best! After this book I might need to re-evaluate. James Bond and Jason Bourne have nothing on chemist Dr. Juliette Fortis (aka Alex). Alex is one smart cookie. A total BAD A.  If you think Walter White had it rough then think again. Alex works for a specialized department (with no name) for the American government. In my head she looks like Ashley Green (which is funny.. since she plays Alice in the twilight films). She is a brainiac. Pretty much she has the lab of her dreams and can create almost any kind of drug for any kind of purpose. That being said this novel could have gotten very gory. It is detailed to what she is mixing and what it does but I never once thought it was over the top. (I mean it is kill or be killed so expect some of that) When she has seen and heard too much they decide Alex is dispensable and has to go. She lives her life running and hiding. Alex has her routine to stay alive and it works until one day her ex-boss finds her and needs her help. He tells her it is a crisis with some kind of terrorist attack and they need her to get info from a Daniel Beach. She does but not their way. She still doesn’t trust them and it’s not the information that she was expecting. The way that she finds out was also unexpected. From this point on Alex decides that it’s time to fight back. I don’t like to give reviews with spoilers. It’s no fun to read the story if you know everything that will happen. The way she decides to fight back. The planning. The paranoia from running for so long. The loneliness. The love. The surprising friendship… and the dogs. YES. The amazing dogs. The Chemist was a thrill ride. I still don’t know how Stephanie Meyer was able to get all the information for this novel. She had the names for all the compounds and drugs. To make the story so realistic and plausible was serious talent. The web of lies and motivations for said lies were incredible! I loved this book. Some authors get stuck in a particular genre and Stephanie has out done herself again on something completely different than her previous books. I couldn’t put this down. I was so wrapped up in this insane story and lovable characters that I needed to know that they would make it! Go read it for yourself and find out if they do. Check it out on goodreads and lets fangirl about it later! Can’t wait to read whatever Stephanie Meyer comes up with next!

Thanks for reading!

*Content rating for readers that want a clean read. I would still say this is young adult. There is one swear word. Sexual reference but not much detail. I’m not quite sure where I would rate the violence. Its kill or be killed. Some detailed torture pages but its so “scientific” for the most part that I felt like it wasn’t THAT gory.



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