Daydreams and Nightmares

I have lots of different nightmares. Some more horrific than others but this particular one was more ironic than anything. .. and since it pertains to books and reading I thought I might share..  It has been 2 weeks. ..CLOSE to 3 weeks of my 3 kiddos being sick. Now I have a 4, 2, and 8 month old baby. One kid would get sick and then as they are getting better the other would get sick .. blah blah blah.. my ongoing nightmare. We stayed home. We haven’t gone anywhere or done anything.  I cleaned and wiped down EVERYTHING and they were STILL  getting sick. Once we went through one round of something we caught something else. I was so done with this nasty business. I started daydreaming. Things like summer. Things like reading outside in the sunshine while my kids are playing and NOT being sick. Things like sleeping all night. (ha. every mom dreams this. sick kids or no.)  All of a sudden I had this thought that maybe I SHOULD BE SICK. If I was sick then I wouldn’t have to deal with THEM being sick. I could just lay around ALL DAY READING. I could SLEEP!! Okay okay.. seriously tho? Any other mothers out there think they are brilliant for this thought? (don’t deny it… ) 

Now to my REAL nightmare… I got sick. Not just any sick. The sickest I have EVER been EVER. Honestly. I don’t remember having every symptom in the book for flu and then strep throat on top of that. I couldn’t even drink water my throat was so swollen. I ached everywhere so I didn’t want to move. (except to run to the bathroom to throw up the medicine I was able to choke down.) Fever. Chills. Migraines. Snotty Nose. Achy Limbs. Vomiting. I am telling you to name any symptom and I swear I had it. My husband had to take 3 days off work to stay home to take care of kids and help me. I WAS in bed. Literally in bed for 2 days. So sick that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open to watch tv .. I couldn’t read. NIGHTMARE. My nightmare. To be in bed for 2 days and not read a single word. I will NEVER wish to be sick again. Who does that anyways? Oh yeah. I did. That was me. I will not ever again.



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