April Wrap Up

April is over. I have to so say that I am glad. April is all fickle weather when I am ready for SUMMER. I had 4 books on my April TBR list and read all and then some. I wanted to just go over everything I read and just quickly give it a either a “YES. READ THIS BOOK” or a “READ SOMETHING ELSE”  recommendation. Just remember that what I really like may not be what you prefer. Which is totally fine. We all have our own brand of weird and I feel like mine can be uniquely mine. Honestly tho, I think most of my friends and I like the same kind of books. Also remember that unless I REALLY loved it and would read it again AND recommend it to ANYONE, I won’t give it 5 stars.


Cress is book 3 in the Lunar Chronicles. I would recommend this series to anyone. Honestly. It is a sci-fi fairytale retelling. At first I was skeptical and didn’t understand all the hype but I have really loved it. The next book is Winter and it is on my MAY TBR. I give this one a YES. READ THIS BOOK.

My Lady Jane is a book I picked up months ago because I loved the cover. I put it off for awhile but when I finally found time to read it I was kicking myself because I loved it so much. If you love historical romances you will love this one. It comes with a magical twist and is narrated by the three coauthors. I thought they were hilarious and as soon as I finished this one I felt like I should read it again. YES. READ THIS BOOK.

Three Dark Crowns was very slow at first for me. I actually bought it on vacation and couldn’t get into it. I came home and set it on my shelf and didn’t really think about it again. I decided I needed to read it. I have this rule of not buying books I’m not going to read. (ha ha.. funny I know. I do it anyway) I trudged through it and was very unexpectedly surprised to find that I really liked it. I want to reread it and figure out why it was so slow in the beginning. It ended with a real cliff-hanger and now book 2 is on my list. This one I feel like is a middle recommend for me. YES. READ IT… if you don’t have anything else pressing or are looking for something different.

True North was a ARC I received from Netgalley. It is the sequel to True Born. I read both and was not impressed. I couldn’t seem to get into this world. It was so depressing and I felt the characters weren’t very deep. It was all a little weird, even of me. I gave it 3 stars in my review because it was interesting and I liked the love story. I hate not knowing the ending. I believe book 3 comes out next year. READ SOMETHING ELSE.



Paris Time Capsule and The House by the Lake I grabbed a long time ago because Amazon was doing a kindle deal. They are stand alone novels but they are based off of some of the same characters. I was glad I read both of them. I would read The House by the Lake first. It is a dual narrative about a girl now  and her grandfather when he young in 1930’s Germany.  Paris Time Capsule is mystery story about a girl who inherited a Paris apartment that has not been touched since the Nazi’s invaded Paris. Both were quick weekend reads. YES. READ THESE BOOKS.

Imitation is book one of a trilogy. I have the other two on my kindle and didn’t get to them this month. A good friends of mine recommended them and I would also. Ven is a clone. Like I said, I like weird. The whole book is about money being above the law and who really is making the law. Ven is trying to find her place and earn her freedom. Not for only herself but for all the others. I hopefully will finish her story in May. This book is also middle ground. I did enjoy it. I want to finish the trilogy, but I can’t say I LOVED it.

The Valiant I listened to on Audibles. The narrator was INCREDIBLE. Honestly. I haven’t written my review for this one yet because I don’t know how to spell anything! I started writing and I don’t know how to spell their names or the towns. Ha ha. It is a female gladiator story. Fallon is a warrior princess taken as a slave and has to earn her freedom competing as a Gladiatrix. This one I can say I LOVED. YES. READ THIS BOOK.

Melody’s Key I received a copy from author Dallas Coryell to review. I really enjoyed this book. It is about love and family and most of all music. I felt that the characters were deep. I really liked the story. It is a reminder of the pressures teens go through trying to figure out their place. It was a good young adult read but again as much as I liked it, I’m not sure I would recommend it to everyone. It was good. Read my review and then you decide.


I did pretty good this month. There wasn’t anything I read that was a complete waste of time. There also wasn’t one I started and didn’t finish. I don’t know if I could pick one favorite but I know my least favorite was the True Born series. I hope you all had a great April but lets move on to May. I mean.. A Court of Wings and Ruin comes out in 2 days and I’m freaking out.

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