Color of Love by Anita Stansfield


Title: Color of Love

Author: Anita Stansfield

Published: January 3, 2017

Genre: Historical Romance, Christian/Religious Fiction

Stars:  3           Content Rating: Clean


England, 1857

The British aristocracy is an inflexible judge. And for Amala, a lovely young Indian woman, that judgment is most keenly felt. Raised from a child by the wealthy Hepworth family following the murder of her parents, Amala grew up alongside the Hepworth’s own daughter, Katarina, and was loved as both sister and daughter. The family is part of the charmed circle of the upper class, but Amala’s place in society is tenuous. As an Indian woman, her life is marked by a sense of otherness and voices of prejudice. So when she embarks upon a sweet acquaintance with Henry Breckenridge, a white Englishman, Amala is both elated and terrified. She knows first-hand the opposition that an interracial couple would face, and courtship with Henry could destroy his standing in society.

Determined to spare the reputations of both Henry and her sister Katarina, Amala flees England with the hope that an extended trip will allow her time to heal her broken heart. But she never imagined the repercussions of that decision, and the heartbreak awaiting her. For when she returns to England, she finds those she holds dear facing unparalleled devastation. And now it is her love that holds the key to healing a broken family.


One of the reasons I love Anita Stansfield’s novels is that they are about people going through trials. All of her books that I have read are about people that have some sort of hardship in their lives and in finding God and keeping their faith in Him, they find happiness. Color of Love was no different. It has been quite awhile since I have read any of her books and I had forgotten what a whirlwind it can be.

Usually when you read a romance it starts out with ‘boy meets girl or girl meets boy’ and they flirt and eventually figure it out. Anita’s books there is always some big reason why one of the two thinks it can’t work. Or something happens that breaks them apart. In this case, Amala is very aware of her being Indian in an English society. She gets snubbed everywhere she goes. She doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to marry or have children that would be ridiculed for being with her. Henry takes interest and even though she loves him she tells him no. AHHHHHH! This part always makes me scream. JUST SAY YES! Her fears are not unfounded but love conquers all! Right? RIGHT? I am not going to tell you anymore! You will have to read it for yourself. Amala does some soul searching and maturing and discovers herself. Will he still be home waiting for her? Did he move on like she asked him to? What hardship will they both have to face..?

What I really loved about this book was the different issues there were for this relationship based on race, society and the time period. Not that I loved the issues (obviously..) but the way it was brought to light. The way she made you understand a little bit better the struggle it must have been and then looking at our own society and trying to understand now if it has changed. I do also love the religious view as well. Trusting in God that things happen for a reason. That the whole picture is BIG and we only see a piece.

This story is a little bit messy. Life is messy. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and there are trials and hardships we don’t understand but in the end there is a happy ending. (hint, hint)

Alright, now is the time that you STOP reading if you want to leave this post spoiler free. After I wrote the above review I decided there was a little bit more I wanted to talk about  but it does include spoilers.

Seriously.. stop now if you don’t want spoilers..










Continue on for mostly my ramblings about all the crazy that is in this novel…

So I have to admit that most of the romances I have read lately are not proper romances. Meaning that the content would not be rated clean. It has been awhile since I have read a proper romance and at first I was a little annoyed at how fast things happened in the beginning. They meet and feel a connection and he wanted to offer for her really quickly. I was thinking “NO WAY, lets get real” but then it got real and things got real slow. Not as fast paced as my naughty romances..  wink, wink.

Amala’s fears were definitely legit. To be Indian in England at that time and be taken in and raised as a daughter in the English society would have been very hard and lonely. I can imagine feeling out of place and scared of the risk of love. I personally believe that if two people are committed to each other and love and respect each other they can overcome hard things. Every day my kids tell me that “_______ is to hard.” (fill in the blank with whatever.. I swear they say it about everything.) My answer every time is that  “Yes it is, and YOU CAN do hard things.” Sometimes the hardest things we have to face or overcome end up making us the happiest in the end. Going on Amala’s journey with her after she turned Henry down was hard to read about because I get that in the story she is supposed to learning more about herself and gaining perspective, but I felt like she was just running away. I also had a hard time with Henry just getting over her and moving on… AND THEN MARRYING HER SISTER! Ugh. No. You don’t do that Henry!! You just don’t.  Amala receives the news while abroad with her Aunt Paulina and you can tell she isn’t over him. So now what!? Amala finally makes peace with it all and they go back to England. This whole story, since it is a Christian novel, is about finding and trusting in God. That through Him all things work out for a reason. Even if it is not how you would have wanted. Even if you don’t understand why. For some reason things happened as they did.  Amala’s sister Kat is pregnant but they also find a tumor that is diagnosed as cancer. She delivers the baby but never gets her strength back and eventually dies, not before she lets Henry and Amala know that her dying wish is for them to be together. Most of Anita’s Stansfield books are this same format. I’m actually mad that I had forgotten. She likes to write about making it through our trials and hardships and knowing that we are not alone in our endeavors but have God helping us. The whole story was a little bit depressing to me. It was good but it was slow and really sad too.


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