June Is OVER..

Oh my goodness! I didn’t get to half my TBR for the month of June. Summer is such a busy time. We are still doing some minor remodeling with our house as well. So crazy busy!  However, I did read a few! Hopefully I have more suggestions for you at the end of July. Lets just go though my reads from June and I’ll give you a YES, SO GOOD or a NOPE.



A Fine Gentlemen was good. It had humor and mystery. Also for my reader that enjoy a proper/clean romance this was a very fun story. YES. Read it.


I listened to The Traitor’s Kiss on Audible and really enjoyed the story. It is a fantasy, but not too crazy. It was set in a time long ago, no magic or anything. Just a different time. Loved the characters and can’t wait for book 2 to come out. YES. 


Since We Fell was my choice from BOTM. It is a mystery thriller that wasn’t that mysterious or thrilling. It started out good. The writing style was good and then somewhere along they way it stopped making sense. Characters were thrown in and out and all around and the storyline was not a good one. No. No. NOPE.


Fairest.. My love for The Lunar Chronicles is no secret. What is funny is that this series totally snuck up on me. I was so hesitant to read it. Everyone was talking about it. I think I had Cinder in my Amazon cart for like 3 years. No joke. I started it and didn’t really understand what all the hype was about but I kept going. When I finished I was so sad. It wormed its way into my heart forever! Fairest is a novella that tells Queen Levana’s story. I really enjoyed the added information. YES. Also, if you are reading the series then you should read it between book 3 and 4.


Color of Love was an historical romance about an Indian woman that was raised with an English family. She is unsure of her place in the world. Anita Stansfield likes to write books about hardship and trials and how finding God is the key to overcoming them and finding happiness. It is a proper romance as well. I did like this book but it was so so so slow. I kept rolling my eyes through out. Ha ha. Like, is this serious? As far as a recommendation goes I probably would say.. NAH. It was okay but I’m sure you could find something better.

Thanks for reading!