Unfinished Fairytales Series by Aya Ling

The Ugly Stepsister is the first book of the Unfinished Fairytales. I started this series because it was recommended from a friend and I needed some light reading. I wanted something that was fun and easy to read. Let me just say that this series did not disappoint! I have just been super busy this summer and have not been able to read as I have wanted to. I have missed a few weeks of writing reviews so I thought I would review this whole series in one post instead of doing individual posts for each book. If I were to rate this series at a whole I would give it a 4 star rating and then tell you that the content is quite clean. There is language but not so much and no F bombs. There is sexual content but mostly flirting and kissing. When it come to the act there is no descriptive words. It gets steamy but in a cute way. I thought the love story was completely adorable. I would rate content a 3.

the ugly stepsiter

The Ugly Stepsister starts when Katherine aka “Kat” is cleaning out the attic and finds an old copy of Cinderella. She accidentally rips the book and it transports her into the story! The only way for her to return to the modern world is to give the story a happy ending. It’s not as easy as she thinks. As she tries to uncover Elle’s true identity and get her to the palace to fall for the prince . Kat has to endure Lady’s lessons and trying not to trip over her feet while being presented to the Queen. There seems to be no ball in the near future and Kat doesn’t know how she is ever going to get home. It doesn’t help that the Prince is drop dead gorgeous and seems only interested in pursing Kat.

This was such a fun fairytale retelling! I really loved it. I was so happy to see that it was a trilogy!


Princess of Athelia is a novella that takes place right after the ball. Its about Kat learning how to be a Princess. She swaps out Lady’s Lessons for Princess Lessons. It was cute to get that extra little bit that novella’s usually give. To see what life is like inside the Palace and how Edward and Kat love each other.



After the Royal Wedding, and Edward and Kat say “I Do”, she is transported back to modern day. She gave the story its happy ending and has to return home. They were so happy in fact that the Goblin King and his Queen that had created the curse on this story knew that Kat would be depressed without her Edward, so they spelled her with a memory charm to forget about Athelia. When the Goblin King’s daughter Pippi discovers that Kat is no longer with Edward she makes a deal with her evil Uncle to send Kat back. Only it has now been 7 years in Kat’s world and she has no memory of Athelia when she is all of a sudden swallowed by the book and transported back to her wedding day. Edward has to convince her all over again to fall in love with him and if she does.. can she stay?




Ever After is the finale of this series. After all Edward and Kat have been through to be together can they make it happen? The real Katriona refuses to give up her title as Princess and Kat has to climb her way back up. Bianca is trying to eliminate Kat at every turn. The people are starting riots and the country is in turmoil. She has to fight for Edward and sweet Edward is doing all he can to be married to his Kat again. There are so many things standing in their way. Can they make it happen and find their happily ever after?

Like I said earlier, I really loved this series. It was so cute. Such a fun read. I would recommend it to any fans of fairytale retellings. It is a Tween-Young Adult. I would keep that in mind. If I were to really critique it there are definitely a few things that were not thought out very well, but I think for the genre and the audience that it is meant to be reading this series, those things are not an issue. I read it on my kindle and I am seriously considering buying them for my girls to read when they are a little bit older. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your day!


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