The Trainee Undercover by Brenda Shaw


Title: The Trainee Undercover

Author: Brenda Shaw

Published: 2016 Ade Press Ltd.

Genre: YA, Mystery

Stars: 2            Content: 2


The COO of a giant pharmaceutical discovers billions of pounds embezzled from the company. When he tries to expose the raid, he gets blackmailed. At the same time, the CEO gets accused of murdering one of the company directors. In the midst, are four teenagers who desperately want to rescue the COO from the blackmailer. Preparing to take all risks, one of them covertly takes up the job of a trainee in the pharmaceutical c company Read on to see, if the optimistic teenagers succeed in exposing the blackmailers or get trapped by inexperience.


I was so happy to receive this copy of The Trainee Undercover from Brenda! It sounded so interesting and I’m ashamed it has taken me so long to read it! We have had a pretty busy month. Lets get to it.

The idea of this novel is a really good one. Four teenage friends that put themselves in dangerous situations to crack the case. Alex, Harry, George and Angela have been friends forever. One summer George and his family are going to be shipped off to America because his Dad is the COO and is being framed. The friends don’t want that so they decide to go undercover and figure it out themselves, because…. well.. who would expect a bunch of kids? Alex gets hired on at Pat Pharma. Angela does an internship with the lawyers that handled the murder case. Harry is the tech guy. . . and George helps keep it all together. There are “grown ups” aka Matt and his team, who are real private investigators, also trying to solve this case. As it all comes about, I will say it was a good story. However, I had a very hard time believing these teenagers were teenagers. They talked like adults, not 17 year old kids. I had a really hard time getting past that. The writing style wasn’t my favorite either but once I got more into the story it was okay. It definitely didn’t suck my right in. In fact I had a really hard time staying interested. If your looking for a good nail biting mystery, this isn’t it.

Thanks for reading!


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