Holiday Reading

Hello D E C E M B E R and my favorite readers!

The whole month of December is my favorite. I love the holiday season. The singing and gift giving. I even enjoy the weather. I love coats and gloves and beanies. S C A R V E S. Staying in and being cozy. Reading a good book with some peppermint hot chocolate! It is my favorite!!! To be fair, I do try and find the good in all seasons but .. I mean.. CHRISTMAS is almost here!!

Since it ’tis the season to stay indoors, you might want some book recommendations. Maybe you don’t have time to read that often but now with it being “winter” hours you want a good book to read. I went through my blog and picked my top 5 books this year. I tried to mix it up a little bit. Even thought I read mostly Young Adult, I tried to find a few that I loved in other genres.

Some are S T A N D A L O N E novels and some are a S E R I E S. I will not recommend the series unless they are all out. That way you can binge read the whole thing, in your pajamas.. next to the fire.. watching the snow fall outside..

Recommendation number O N E:


My Lady Jane really might have been my favorite stand alone read of the year. I was so pleasantly surprised that I just fell hard for this story. It is set in Tudor times and based on history… almost. There is a magical twist and quirky humor that just grabbed at my heart strings.

Recommendation number T W O:

Next year I plan on going CoHo crazy. I have both of these books on my blog. She is a great contemporary author. I always feel like she captures the realness in her novels. I have both of these on my blog It Ends With Us and CONFESS. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a Colleen Hoover novel. I know this was more of an author recommendation but still.. I’m always looking for authors that I love. I bet you are too!

Recommendation number T H R E E:

One of my most loved, new favorite series I read this year is The Lunar Chronicles. She takes each “princess” story and turns it into something new. It has been my favorite fairy tale retelling yet! It is a completely new world and if you have some time on your hands you should pick this series up and binge read it this holiday season!

1.Cinder 2.Scarlet 3.Cress 4.Winter

Recommendation number F O U R:

Okay, okay.. This one is for all my romance readers out there! Another author recommendation. I LOVE Lisa Kleypas. I have literally read everything she writes. It’s has all the oomph a good romance needs.. and it is not young adult my friends. Nope. If you are like me and have read all of Lisa’s work then try Julia Quinn! They use each others characters sometimes, which I find so fun! I don’t have any reviews for her books because they are my go to quick reads BUT go check her out on Amazon.

Recommendation number F I V E:


The House by the Lake is a great quick read. It alternates between Anna in the present and her grandfather’s past in 1930’s Germany. As she tries to find the answers her grandfather has kept secret for so many years she meets Wil. This is a fun love story, I admired the perspective of the young Max and how hard the decisions were at that time.

There you have it! Some of my top recommendations I read in 2017. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy this time of giving and… reading!


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