It’s a Wrap!

February has come and gone and I personally am very HAPPY about it. I am counting down the days until Winter is gone and Spring/Summer is here. I can’t wait for sunny days and working out in the yard and the garden.  I need the warmer weather and sunshine!

Just a little wrap up. I’ll go through what I read this month with links to each of the book reviews and just a quick YES I LOVED IT or a NOPE DON’T BOTHER.


Passengers . This book is hard to get into. I’m pretty sure it is just her writing style but I couldn’t get into it. When I finally finished it, my take away was that the story was good… the idea was good but it was lacking. I had high hopes for the sequel but sadly I didn’t finish it. I give it a NOPE DON’T BOTHER.




Six of Crows was absolutely amazing. I have been dying to read Crooked Kingdom (the sequel) as soon as I finished it. However, I had book club books to read and have had to wait. . but BELIEVE you me I will be reading it this next month. YES. READ IT!!




The Raven King was the last book in The Raven Cycle. I really enjoyed this series even if the final book was a little anticlimactic.  If you love a good paranormal young adult fantasy then I would say YES READ IT, but only if you dig that genre.




The Nightingale was so so so so good. This was my February Book Club pick and it was such an amazing read. It is an historical fiction of WW2 set in Paris from the POV of two sisters. It was deep and emotional and amazing.  YES. PLEASE READ IT!!!




Romancing Daphne is a proper romance. It was a quick, fun weekend read. I really enjoyed the story. Lovable characters. If you like proper historical romances and need a new one then try this one! This is the 3rd book of the series but you really don’t need to read the other two to enjoy it. YES. READ IT.




Daughter of the Pirate King is one I reread this month. It’s sequel came out on the 27th!! I’m dragging my husband up to a signing and I am so excited! The book was a fast, fun read with action, mystery and a little romance. I adored the characters so much! If you need to mix it up with something a little bit different then this book is for you! YES. READ IT!


I hope I gave you some ideas of what to read if you are trying to decide on something! I am really excited for the books I have planned for the month of March! I hope you all have a wonderful day!





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