Where did June go and now July?


Hello all my dear readers! I was hoping for a relaxing summer full of a whole bunch of “lets just stay home and do nothings” but that has not been the case. I tried not to plan lots of things and wanted to take things day by day, and this summer has flown on by without even a backward glance in my direction! I did read quite a few book last month but didn’t make time to actually write a review on here. I will do a June wrap up for you… even tho it is the middle of freaking JULY.


This was a book club pick. I put it off forever but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. If you like psych thrillers then give it a chance. There isn’t very much conversation in this one. It is all about what is going on in HER mind and the in HIS mind. It was a little bit slow and not the best thriller I have ever read but it wasn’t the worst either. A good weekend read.
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I absolutely LOVED this book. Nancy Campbell Allen has done it again! The first book ‘Beauty and the Clockwork Beast’ was fantastic as well and so I was super excited to read this one. Somehow she has written a Victorian Era romance that is also a fairy tale retelling that includes shape shifters and to top it all off the steampunk element makes this book unique and so so so good. I know it sounds a little but different but I am telling you it works and you will love it.
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I loved both of these Wanda Luce proper romances. If you need a good slow burn romance for this summer I highly recommend her books. Both of these were stories that I couldn’t put down and Wanda Luce gives off a Jane Austen vibe with her writing.
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I stumbled across this series looking for something to fill the void after The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. This did not do it. I feel bad even comparing them because it’s not fair to either of the authors. Maas sets the bar pretty dang high. This series would almost be good for more of a tween/ya if it wasn’t for a few swear words and the sexual innuendoes. .. that is the type of writing I felt this was for. The characters were not very deep and the I felt the story idea was good but it was lacking… yet I read all four books. .. because I have to know how they end. Therefore I saved you the trouble of doing so. Don’t be tempted if these pull up on your kindle recommendations.


I really have liked Erica Ridley’s ‘Rogues to Riches’ series. This is #5 and of course you don’t have to read the first 4 to enjoy the story but if you want a romance series you should read them all. If you like a little sexy and steam to read give it shot. I love the historical romances that get your blood pumping!
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This was another book club pick and I really loved it. It is a trilogy. With a 4 book being from the perspective of Suze. There are also a few novella’s as well. They made a movie and it will be in theaters come August 3. Unfortunately, even though I loved the book I haven’t made time for the rest of the series. Hopefully I will be able to fit them in soon tho!
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I was so happy to be a part of this tour on Instagram! I loved the book. I mean, who doesn’t love sexy hockey players? This is the first of the Kings of Rittenhouse series and I am absolutely keeping an eye open for the next book to come out. Such a fun contemporary romance with lots of heat and you will not be able to put it down!
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Okay, all of you that have TWEENS… this one is for them. I read it and thought it was the cutest book. No swearing. No sex. Just lots of Kissing. It sounds weird but what it comes down to is the meaning of love. That kisses mean something. The overall story had a great message.. and besides that you get to have a princess that is killing goblins and dragons too!
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