Loving Lieutenant Lancaster by Sarah M. Eden


Title: Loving Lieutenant Lancaster

Author: Sarah M. Eden

Published: June 2018 by Covenant Communications, Inc.

Genre: Proper Romance

Stars: 4       Content Rating: Clean

Synopsis: For the first time since returning to life on land, Linus Lancaster has something challenging to look forward to: the seemingly impossible task of preventing his infamous brother-in-law from wreaking havoc on a house party he is being forced to attend against his will. But Linus’s sisters have something far more dangerous in mind… matchmaking!


In my last post, (which was also Sarah M. Eden) I mentioned that I read most of her Lancaster Family series as well as the Jonquil Brothers series and this one is her newest of the Lancaster family. Poor Linus is home from the navy and trying to get used to the life of a gentleman when he is told by none other than The Dangerous Duke that he will be going to a 2 week long house party at which he is to be a buffer between the Duke and the Earl Lancaster. What Linus didn’t know was that all 4 of his sisters would be there match making. Linus also didn’t know that he wouldn’t need their help. He ended up finding a beauty hiding in the shadows and the rest you will have to read for yourself!

I loved this proper romance!




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