It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

Kate, Aubrey, and Jenny. They first met as college roommates and soon became inseparable, even though they are as different as three women can be. Twenty years later, one of them is standing at the edge of a bridge . . and someone else is urging her to jump.

How did things come to this?

As the novel cuts back and forth between their college years and their adult years, you see the exact reasons why these women love and hate each other—but can feelings that strong lead to murder? Or will everyone assume, as is often the case, that it’s always the husband?

Title: It’s Always the Husband

Author: Michele Campbell

Published: May 16th 2017 by St. Martin’s Press

Genre: Thriller, Mystery

STARS: 4. Content Rating: 6

Hello dear readers! I have been buried deep in the romance genre lately but lucky for you my book club chose a thriller!

What I loved: It was short. I literally started it one night and then finished it the next morning. It kept me guessing. I really wasn’t sure who did it. Right up until the epilogue. I felt like there was plenty to talk about when it came to these characters. Each had their own issues and problems but good qualities too. Which is how it is in real life. Seeing how their friendship started and then how it transitioned into their adulthood was interesting.

What I didn’t love: I’ll admit the first half of the book was a little slow and irrelevant. I kept wondering why we needed all this information. I think the author was trying to get us to know the true personalities of these girls before the big finale. Which made it harder and harder for me to make a prediction of who the murder was. Or maybe it was a murderess?

Thanks for reading!!


P.S. I am looking for some Autumn/Spooky themed books for next month and would appreciate any recommendations!

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