Rating Systems

-Star Rating System-

1 Star – I did not finish.  I was not impressed for whatever reason. Not strong characters or story line. Waste of time read. Would not recommend to anyone.

2 Star – I read it and the story line was intriguing even if if it wasn’t the strongest. I didn’t much care for anything else about it other than the idea of it. I had to finish it to know how it ended. Would not recommend to anyone.

3 Star – Good read. Strong story line. I liked the characters. The plot was good.(maybe a little obvious). I would recommend.

4 Star – Great read. Strong story line. I LOVED the characters. The plot had me guessing. Great writing and flow. Nice paced. I would strongly recommend to friends.

5 Star –  Amazing read. Could not put it down. The story line was strong with characters I adored. The plot was probably not was I was expecting. The author captured me into whatever world was created. I would read it again and recommend it to friends.

-Content Rating System-

1-10 SCALE

0 – 5  Young Adult            6 – 10 Adult

CLEAN – NO offensive language, sexual content, or violence. Hence the number 0

Mild – Some language (no F bombs), sexual reference, very little violence and NOT gory. Depending on how much or how little will have a rating 1-5.

Moderate – Strong language (includes F bombs), sexual reference and maybe some details, violence in detail with some gore (blood and guts etc). Depending on how much and how little will determine a rating 6-9.

High – More than 5 uses of strong language, sexual act and details, vulgar content, detailed and gory violence. Rating of 10.