Mommy Hobby

I am a mom. A mom with a capital M. I love Mommy life. It is challenging but so amazing. I also like to read in the evenings to help me relax. (if the book is really good, then I’ll read all day long too) I mean, who doesn’t love a book so good that you just can NOT put that bad boy down?! I would like to invite you to join my journey, to find those really great books that end up so deep in our hearts. The kind we buy all the editions of and read over and over again. I want to start doing book reviews. I make time to read. I NEED to read. We all have to start some where. I read pretty much everything. YA to historical romance (any romance .. I mean really?) to fantasy and scifi. This is something new to me so please keep that in mind. I hope to turn this into something that I really enjoy and that you do as well! 

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