Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand


Title:  Imitation (Clone Chronicles Book 1)

Author: Heather Hildenbrand

Published: July 29, 2014 by Alloy Entertainment

Genre:  Fantasy, Young Adult

Stars:  4            Content Rating: 2

Synopsis: Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me.

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has never needed Ven . . . until now.

When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?


 Most underrated book I have read so far this year. Ven goes about her usual routine in Twig City, a place were the Imitations were created and trained to be just like their Authentic. They are trained to say the appropriate thing and do the appropriate action. They are not considered human. They are products. They imitate their Authentic so perfectly that no one will notice when an Imitation steps in for their Authentic. When Ven gets her note from Marla she is afraid. No one in Twig City actually knows what is out there. Her Authentic, Raven, has had attempts on her life and is in hiding until the attackers are caught and the threats dissipate. As Ven starts to navigate this new life and be a person who is her opposite, she begins to realize a more sinister plan is waiting for her. Titus is Raven’s father. He is  the Head of RogenCorp. He is the “Creator.” He is also a very powerful, dangerous man who has implanted all the imitations with a GPS loaded kill switch. Step out of line and you are dead and easily replaced with another Imitation. Ven plays the part of rich princess, going to charity dinners and fashion events. She plays Titus’ puppet until she can find a way out. Ven has multiple body guards following her and telling Titus her every move, but she knows her she will die trying to find her freedom or die as bait.

Link knows something isn’t right with Raven. Something is off but he can’t pinpoint it. It’s his job to know. He is new security detail. She drives him crazy. Who is this girl? One minute she is the Raven he has been watching these last few months and the next she is someone else. He trails her everywhere and is always there to protect her before her attackers do. He knows she is not Raven but how can she not be?

Ven might be able to save herself and others like her but she can’t do it alone and it means putting herself in more danger. I loved the blossoming romance between Ven and Link and watching the bigger picture come into play.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this story. A friend recommended it to me and I found all 3 books for a steal on Amazon. I really loved it. I haven’t read anything about clones before so this was new. What’s scary is that I can actually see something like this happening in our world. It’s not so far fetched. Since I didn’t know what to expect I didn’t really try to predict it too much. It has been fun uncovering the plot and getting more in depth with the characters. I can’t wait to move on to the book 2.  Happy Reading!

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