Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson


“I understood the weight of promises, and Rafe’s strength as a king mattered more to Morrighan now, than it ever had. It mattered to me. I stared out at the jagged line of forest, feeling the stinging irony of Rafe’s choice: To help me and the kingdom of Morrighan survive, he had been forced to cut out my heart.”


Title: Beauty of Darkness

Author: Mary E. Pearson

Published: August 2nd 2016 by Henry Holt and Co

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Stars: 5         Content Rating: 4


Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it.

With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them, she finds herself at cross-purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden, who has hunted her down.

In this conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy, traitors must be rooted out, sacrifices must be made, and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance.


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate. Spending time with loved ones and enjoying the season is what makes December so great. I’m sad it is about over but happy to be welcoming the new year as well. I love new beginnings. I have lots of new goals. Wellness and spiritual goals, as well as family goals and of course… BOOK goals.

It has been no secret that I read the first two books of this series before. A long time ago, and I loved them. Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal were both fantastic but at the time the third book was not out yet and I completely FORGOT about the series. I saw the series again back in … MAY?.. (oh my gosh.. was it really clear back in May?) .. I bought the hardback copies of all and reread the first two and now just finished the final book.

This last book is everything I hoped it would be. I sometimes feel as if I am very vague in my book reviews. I, myself DO NOT like book reviews with spoilers. Why would I read all the spoilers and then read the book. It is one thing to fan girl with others after we have all read it. Which is what my Instagram account is for… If we are not friends on Insta then you should FIND ME THERE @bookwhit However, I set this blog up to recommend books to friends. I’m here to say, “This is the best book EVER. Please read it.” or ” I read it and was not that impressed.”

Beauty of Darkness was so intense for me. I was mad it took me so long to read it. I would start, but with the Holiday’s and other things going on I just couldn’t make time to read. I was legit getting mad at my kids because they wouldn’t leave me alone. Ha ha. Mom life, am I right? I stayed up till about 1am and finished.. and then just sat there. I always do this after a book is done. Especially a series. You have to let it settle in your brain. Connect all the things that you thought you knew or hoped would happen to what DID happen. Mary E. Pearson did not disappoint. The characters were true to themselves. They all sacrificed and made hard decisions. I am not lying when I say it was intense. I didn’t want to put it down. It’s a pretty big book and there are so many twists. The Heart of Betrayal ended with Lia, Rafe and his men trying to escape down the river. .. and from then on out it was not only a fight for their lives and their kingdoms but their hearts. It’s a wonderful trilogy and you should all read it!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!! Thanks for reading!



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