Plans, Goals and BIG Ideas

Hello to all my lovely readers! I hope 2018 is treating you all well so far! We are only a few weeks in and I have already not kept up with my New Years Resolutions. That is okay though, I will keep trudging along and eventually my goals will be met.

I have BIG NEWS. One of the reasons I’m behind on a few of my other goals is because I am putting lots of time into a couple different goals. The first being my etsy shop for bookmarks. I started doing watercolor bookmarks last year and I love how my originals turn out. However, I have had such a hard time finding quality printing and paper. My goal this year was just to start. . and I HAVE! I have a link right there on the side of my blog if you are interested. As soon as I get this going, I also have a plan of changing up my blog. I might need professional help (hysterical laughter because I am terrible with computer stuff) but it needs to happen. I’ll figure out how to use gifs so that this is more entertaining.. and also make it easier to find past book reviews.

Another reason I’m behind on reading goals is because we recently bought a new house! We love it, but we have big ideas and it is full of projects. The hubby was sweet enough to let our first project be my “reading” room. It will be a place for all my books and somewhat of an art studio as well. I have been busy painting and laying floor. It’s getting there and then I can catch up on the reading I have missed so far this month!

I am trying to not have reading “goals” this year. I want to just read what I feel like reading. I was going to try monogamous reading and I just can’t do it. One book at a time just doesn’t work for me. I am reading Strange the Dreamer on my kindle. The Dream Theives in hardback and also poetry in the morning. Also, I’m rereading Throne of Glass. Whichever book I decide to read just depends on my mood. A friend posted her most anticipated books of 2018 and I think that is a marvelous idea. I wont have a book review ready for a few more weeks but I will be finding the books I am most excited about to share with you next week. Sorry I have been MIA! Thanks for sticking in there with me!



  1. Am I the friend? 🙂 I am so excited to get to interact with you over here in blog world as well as over on booksta, sweet friend. I love all your goals and BIG PLANS for 2018, and I also love how you are just gonna read what you want when you want–that seems like a very wise way to go about it. Can’t wait to see your post of books you’re excited about! 🙂

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