Seven Letters by J.P Monninger

Kate Moreton is in Ireland on sabbatical from her teaching position at Dartmouth College when she meets Ozzie Ferriter, a fisherman and a veteran of the American war in Afghanistan. The Ferriter family history dates back centuries on the remote Blasket Islands, and Ozzie – a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States – has retreated to the one place that might offer him peace from a war he cannot seem to leave behind.

Beside the sea, with Ireland’s beauty as a backdrop, the two fall deeply in love and attempt to live on an island of their own making, away from the pressures of the outside world. Ireland writes its own love stories, the legends claim, and the limits of Kate and Ozzie’s love and faith in each other will be tested. When his demons lead Ozzie to become reckless with his life—and Kate’s—she flees for America rather than watch the man she loves self-destruct. But soon a letter arrives informing Kate that her heroic husband has been lost at sea, and Kate must decide whether it is an act of love to follow him or an act of mercy to forget.

Title: Seven Letters

Author: J.P. Monninger


Genre: Romance, Adventure, History

Stars: 3 Content: Sexual Content, Language

Hello my lovelies!! Lets talk about this book. I am telling you that I read it fast. It is a romance that gave me lots of feels but at times I was a little bit annoyed. I only gave it 3 stars because I was entertained and did enjoy it but it was the type of book you only read once, not over and over again. Since the synopsis is a very telling one I am going to do a simple “what I loved” and “what I hated” about this book.

What I Loved: Okay, I liked the characters. Kate is this red head from New Hampshire that wants to go back to her roots in Ireland. She is studious. She has done tons of research for this trip and I really enjoyed all the little tidbits of information through out the book. The histories and sayings. The Gaelic phrases. I loved the chemistry. You guys.. Kate and Ozzie have it. Ozzie is ex military and has demons from his past in Afghanistan. I also loved the setting. The boats and islands and the sea. Very magical.

What I Hated: I will start by saying that hate is a very strong word here. I just felt like it wasn’t all it could be. I didn’t enjoy the writing style. It felt boring even though the story was good. The ending lined up way to perfectly with all this tragedy in between. I also didn’t like that there was no Ozzie perspective. It is all Kate and what Kate thinks she knows and I would have loved to get inside Ozzie’s head a little bit. I also don’t love when the f*** is used in books. I honestly don’t feel like they ever need to be there.

There you have it! It was a different in a good way book. It was an easy read and a little emotional at times but I liked it.

Thanks for reading!


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